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Our beloved Danny, 31, of Minneapolis, MN passed away peacefully of natural causes on May 23, 2020. With the love of his life and family by his side, we held his hands as he drew his last breath, and was welcomed into the arms of many angels awaiting his homecoming in Heaven.

Born March 25, 1989, to Suzanne and Tom Nimmo, he was the youngest of three brothers. In addition to his parents, Danny is survived by the love of his life, Shannen Hirsch, his brothers Andy (Rachael), Tommy (Nikki), nephew Rory, nieces Hadley, Violet, June and Callie, and grandparents Lavern and EllaMae Bjorkman. Many aunts, uncles and cousins also survive Danny as part of his loving family.

Danny was born in St. Louis Park and grew up in Plymouth, MN. He attended Armstrong High School where he played varsity hockey as a freshman, and graduated from St. Thomas University. In 2014 Danny joined the Marines, graduated top of his class, and fought courageously for his country he so adored.

A fiery spirit, and full of life, Danny enjoyed nothing more than spending time on Sugar Lake with his family, love, and closest friends. An athlete, sports lover, fierce self proclaimed politician, landscaper and interior/exterior designer. A country music lover, dreamer, and great friend. Danny never forgot your birthday, and always remembered to say I love you first. Danny was known as the man with the biggest heart, and was always there to help someone in need, often supplying Jimmy John's to his less fortunate friends of the Minneapolis streets. He loved to shower people in thoughtful gifts, for no reason other than love.


To date, the Danny Nimmo Foundation has donated to a number of causes aimed to help veterans: 

  • $10,000 to the Semper Fi & America's Fund

  • 10 individual scholarships worth $10,000 to The Retreat in Minnesota 

  • $25,000 to Pawsitivity Dog Services. The funds went directly towards training, housing, feeding and donating Toby--a service dog that was given to a combat veteran and local police officer. 

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